Friday, April 4, 2014


Everything Is Still Made Of Cotton

2T-3T (10.5" long) $50
4T-5T (11.5" long) $60 
 6-7 (12"-13" long) $70 
 8-9 (13"-14" long) $80
10-11 (14"-15" long) $90 

small (16-17 " long, 28" waist) $100 
medium (16-17.5" long, 30"-32" waist) $110 
medium long (20" long, 30"-32" waist) $120
large (16-17.5" long, 34"-36" waist) $135
large long (20-21" long, 34"-36" waist) $150

The skirts have a sewn-in elastic waistband, and the yarn is stretchy, so measurements can be approximate. We use a low waist measurement because most adults wear them below the waist.  This year’s models have solid-colored, ribbed yokes.

Made for American Girl or other 18” Dolls

Entire outfit (skirt, cape, coordinating shirt, cap and shoes) $65
Individual items
skirt and cape @ $25 apiece
cap, shirt, and shoes @ $15 each

Scroll down past the contact info to see more skirts, capes and doll ensembles.

Contact info:
Susie Kinder
978-526-7129 home
607-206-0899 cell

checks or cash only
shipping included in the continental US

Matching Skirts and Doll Ensembles may be ordered in any color combination.

Green Heather & Kaleidoscope with Country Pink Flounce

Steel's Avocado Cape with Landscape Mix Flounce
NOTE: Capes may be ordered in any of the skirt color combinations.
 All Squash
 Grey Heather with Plum Flounce
 Smokey Wine with Avocado Flounce
 Robin's Egg & Pretty Pastels with Pink Flounce
Hot Pink & Fiesta with Squash Flounce

Jana's Avocado with Green Mix Flounce
Toby's Grey Heather with Neon Green Flounce
Aqua & Summer Splash with Neon Green Flounce
Julianne's Fiesta with Lemon Drop Flounce
 Toby's Fiesta
Jaime's Grey Mix with Burgundy Flounce
Snowy's Favorite - Black Mix with Peach Flounce
Jewel Mix with Hot Pink Flounce
Jewel Mix with Plum Flounce
                  Turquoise with Moondance Flounce
Liz's Favorite - Pageantry with Burgundy Flounce
Summer Mix with Neon Orange Flounce
Psychedelic Mix with Hot Pink Flounce
Psychedelic Mix with Turquoise Flounce
Halloween Mix with Black Flounce
Downton Abbey
Raspberry Sherbet
Desert Sands with Earthtone Flounce
Halloween Mix with Neon Orange Flounce
Blue Mix with Navy Flounce
Green Mix with Neon Green Flounce
Singing Beach Mix with Sunshine Yellow Flounce
Light Khaki
Greenwoods Classic
4th of July
Plum Loco
Sophisticated Swing
Jenner's Favorite - Aqua & Summer Splash with Grape Flounce
Jenner's Favorite (with the colors reversed)

Psychedelic Mix with Yellow Flounce
Montclair models with Hot Pink Flounce and Turquoise Flounce
(also available in Grape)
Christmas with Holiday Green Flounce

         Grandmothers look great in Susie's Skirts.
MaryAnn in Wimbleton Classic
(These skirts work well on the golf course too; they breathe!)

Sarah in Brown Twist with Squash
Wendy in Psychedelic with Aqua

Willa at the Kennedy Center in Green Mix
Jenner in the Montclair Turquoise
Toby in Psychedelic with Pink
Steel & Gillian in Green Mix

Erin in Montclair Pink
Willa in Summer
Toby in 4th of July
Steel in Downton Abbey
Liz, Toby, Steel in Liz's favorite
Liz's favorite
Blue Mix
Desert Sands
Downton Abbey
Green Mix
Raspberry Sherbet
Gillian in Psychedelic Turquoise
Gillian in Jewel with Pink
Gillian in Snowy's favorite
Willa in Green Mix
Jen in Jen's custom-dyed Grey
Steel in Halloween Black
Liz in Damask Salmon
Liz in Desert Sand
Liz in Raspberry Sherbet
Toby, Steel, Gillian, Liz, Jana in 4th of July 2013
(Jana is wearing the Women's long)
Mother/daughter Julianne and Jamie in Desert Sand
Jenner in Jenner's Favorite      Erin in Jewel Plum

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